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Cookout and Annual Meeting

Saturday, Sept 29, 2018
At the Center Island
– Food and Sodas provided

Cook out starts at: 11:00 am
Annual Mtg starts at: Noon

Will review 2018 activities, 2019 Budget, share LHA financials, answer questions, meet neighbors, & elect a new BOD.
Rain Date Sunday, Sept 30, 2018

Need Help with Deed Restrictions

  • Trash cans should be hidden from street view.
  • No trucks, buses, travel trailers, boat trailers, boats, utility trailers, commercial vans, tractors, campers, commercial trucks, or vehicles immobilized for any reason, shall be kept or maintained on any street, lot or driveway.
  • No above ground pools.
  • No signs other than realtor signs are to be shown.

Old Gazebo Area Upgrade Idea

 One homeowners idea to upgrade the Old Gazebo Area would be:

In the central island where the gazebo once stood, I’d love to see a large

circular raised bed with an evergreen tree in the center surrounded by

layers of shrubs.  Aluminum benches sitting on decorative stone pavers

around the ‘circular park’ will invite residents to relax and enjoy the

surroundings year-round.  It would be great to have lighting (spot lights)

on the tree(s) in this area to provide a focal point to the neighborhood.  This

project could be done in phases as funds become available. Attached is an

example of their idea.


gazebo circle

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